This is the literal translation of Mai Pen Rai. Its an expression used daily at Thai lifestyle, the Thais also use the same response when someone says thank you.

Mai Pen Rai has a very profound meaning.

Approximately 95 % of the Thai population is Buddhist, which greatly influences the culture of the country. Non-violence, kindness and compassion are deeply rooted in everyday life. There is a very strong belief that we have no control over things. So it's useless to fight back or allow bad events to change our tranquility, serenity and lightness.

The only option left is to accept and move on: Mai Pen Rai.

This philosophy of life embodied in Thai society promotes a more peaceful and harmonious coexistence. So it is unlikely you will see aggressive discussions because of getting cut off in traffic. Nor would you leave someone extremely angry for some attitude that dislike about you. In a certain way, seeing life from this angle decreases unnecessary conflicts and promotes more self control of emotions. 

The result is there is more peace and less anger.

How to practice  this philosophy in your daily life?

Start by acknowledging that different situations take you from your state of equilibrium. Then reflect: Is this really important? Can I do anything so that this situation does not recur? Little by little, this becomes your way of looking at situations  and becomes a habit in your life.

To help you in this process,  we organize events where you can get a taste of Thailand in Brazil and you can start practicing the concept of Mai Pen Rai in life.