As soon as you set foot in Thailand, it is easy to understand why the country is called the Land of Smiles. Everywhere people smile and smiling is used both to apologize, show embarrassment,  joy, thankfulness or be grateful. In the same way, the Thai spoken language, with its 44 consonants, 32 vowels and 5 tones, requires finesse to "read" this body language. In the West the smile is always about something, in Thailand it is a natural part of everyday life. This is just another one of the facts that delight and make more and more people visit the country.

Most sought destination in the world.

In 2013, Bagkok became the first Asian city to be the most sought after destination in the world. That year the Kingdom received more visitors than Paris, London and New York.  It has established itself as one of the most desired places to visit by tourists. The unique combination of natural beauty with urban hustle and spiritual rites, is largely responsible for this.

Country of contrasts.


Thailand is a country and full of attractions that delight more and more visitors each year: from the golden temples of Bangkok, to the ancient majestic ruins, the famous tribe of long neck  women, beautiful beaches and natural scenery, to the Phi Phi islands as well as the rituals and festivals, all visitors are enchanted!

We organize get togethers in Sao Paulo, where you can experience a little of the customs and Thai dishes, as well as exchange tips between those who have gone and who want to go there.